My Bell Pepper Salad.

My Bell Pepper Salad.
4. September 2016 Ivone

Hello beautiful people

Last week I posted a picture of a bell pepper salad on my Facebook profile, and I promised that if I get 20 likes I will post the recipe. Well, I got 26 likes. Thanks a lot for that 😉

I take any BBQ as an opportunity to do this great salad. I usually do a big portion and refrigerate it. This way you can enjoy it for longer. I have to admit that you need a little bit time and patience but it’s some kind part of barbequing, isn’t it?
Don’t be afraid of work it’s definitely worth it 😉 Believe me once you got it you will do it every time the weather is screaming for BBQ.

Big love
Yours Ivone

My Bell Pepper Salad


12-15           Bell peppers in all colours
2-3 Tbsp.   Olive oil, don’t save on the quality
2 Tbsp.       Wine vinegar, you can go for lemon juice if you prefer
Salt & pepper

How to do it

  • Your grill has to be burning like hell. I mean, it has to be really hot.
  • Put your colourful bell peppers in one piece on the grill and turn it on all sides from time to time until there skin is literally burned. Don’t be afraid if your bell peppers become a bit black. It’s all right!
  • When your bell peppers turned to be dark you take it of the grill. The next step is crucial:
  • Pack your peppers one by one in a cold wet paper towel. The paper towel must be soak with cold water. This will at first cool down the vegetables and second it will help you to peel of the skin easily. Wait a few minutes for the peppers to cool down a little bit before starting peeling the skin of.
  • After having that done wash them, and cut it in stripes. Now season with olive oil, wine vinegar, salt and pepper.

You just did an incredible delicious healthy salad. Congrats!