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  • My Healthy Bolognese

    Hello dears Last Sunday was a nasty weather. It was raining all day. Not nice at all but I still…

  • My Salmon-Tomato-Stew.

    Hello dears, I had to share this recipe with you guys. One of my hubby’s favourites! This recipe is the…

  • My Bell Pepper Salad.

    Hello beautiful people Last week I posted a picture of a bell pepper salad on my Facebook profile, and I…

  • My big love for Eggs.

    Hello beautiful people, Eggs… I love eggs: fried, scrambled, eggs benedict, eggs Florentine, frittata, cooked eggs 3 minutes, 5 minutes,…

  • My Escape.

    This weekend my hubby and I (and our dog Kiwi) decided to go to the mountains for a longer time…

  • Power Muffins

    If you like apple, peanut butter, dark chocolate and cinnamon than you will definitely love these muffins. After three attempts…

  • Enjoy life. Rest mind and body.

    Remember what I wrote in my first blog? One of my secrets for living a healthy life is definitely to…

  • Good Carbs. Bad Carbs.

    In our days we hear and read a lot about good and bad carbs. Confusing, isn’t it? Carbohydrates matter to…

  • Live healthy. Be fit.

    If you live healthy, you will feel and be fit. But what does it mean to “live healthy”? Or to…

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