Enjoy life. Rest mind and body.

Enjoy life. Rest mind and body.
24. February 2016 Ivone

Remember what I wrote in my first blog?
One of my secrets for living a healthy life is definitely to enjoy life, which I personally find very important. It brings happiness and satisfaction! Important is to do it in a moderated way and avoid excesses.

If I had to draw my healthy way, it would be a straight line representing my base, movement, workouts, walking the dog, hiking… and of course my healthy nutrition. In between I would add some curves representing my escapes to enjoy life that could be a burger with fries or some red wine or beer (I like beer), going out with friends, going on holiday or lying on the sofa watching TV and eating M&Ms… But the most important thing is to always go back to my healthy path.

I try to live my healthy path during my working days or lets say during the week from Monday to Friday. On weekends I enjoy life here and there. This doesn’t mean that it cannot occur having a pizza on my plate on a weekday though, but the next day you will find me walking on my healthy path again.

The main challenge is of course creating the right healthy way for each one of us. My goal is to share more about that process in my upcoming posts.

For now I just want to encourage you to find your own healthy path that fits your lifework balance. It will take some time, a bit of work and patience but it is worth it. Believe me!

Live healthy. Be fit.
Yours Ivone