Good Carbs. Bad Carbs.

Good Carbs. Bad Carbs.
19. February 2016 Ivone

In our days we hear and read a lot about good and bad carbs.
Confusing, isn’t it? Carbohydrates matter to you and I will try to tell you why.

Well, carbs are often referred to as good or bad, complex or simple and I think important is not only to know which are good or bad but also to know and understand what happens within our bodies when we consume them.

In our bodies, all carbohydrates are eventually broken down into glucose. Once in the bloodstream, glucose is taken up by the cells and used for energy (its primary purpose), stored in the liver or muscle as glycogen, or converted to fat for later use.

Carbohydrates aren’t just bread, rice or pasta. You will find carbs also in nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, milk, juices, sodas and desserts. It is right to say that there are good carbs and bad carbs. Here a little explanation:

Good carbs also referred as complex carbs require our bodies to work harder to digest, and energy is released over a longer time. They are high in fiber and nutrients, have a low glycemic index, help you feel full with fewer calories, and naturally stimulates metabolism. You can find complex carbohydrates in whole grain breads, cereals, vegetables and fruits.

Bad carbs or simple carbs are digested quickly into our body. The energy is stored as glycogen in our cells, and if not used immediately gets converted into fat. Bad carbs are generally “processed” foods that have been stripped of their natural nutrients, which make them more “consumer friendly”. They are low in fiber, have high glycemic index, calories converted in fat, and as your blood glucose goes up you fell tired after eating them. Sodas, sugary drinks, refined breads, sugared cereals, candies and desserts are simple carbohydrates or what we call “BAD CARBS”.

Folks, carbohydrates are the best source of energy for your body, especially for muscle, brain, and central nervous system functions. Without a source of carbs, your body will use other sources for energy when doing weight training, cardiovascular, and anaerobic work. So please from now on make your carbs count: SAY YES to COMPLEX CARBS!!

What I try to do to make a difference to my health is:
– Choose carbs in their natural form
– Steer clear of carbs with added sugars
– Choose carbs with higher protein and fiber content, such as chickpeas, beans, lentils or oatmeal
– Avoid any processed food (chunk food) or flour products, including white bread, flour tortillas, and crackers.
– Avoid empty carb calories found in foods such as sauces, alcohol, and syrups.
– Eat my carbs before and after workout. Fruits are often a good choice.

Hope I could clarify things when it comes to our friend carbohydrates. Don’t get to crazy about the carbs just make the right choice 😉

Happy day! Your Ivone