Live healthy. Be fit.

Live healthy. Be fit.
19. February 2016 Ivone

If you live healthy, you will feel and be fit.
But what does it mean to “live healthy”? Or to be fit in general? There are certainly a lot of opinions on that and disputing them is the last thing I want to do in this blog.

I am turning 40 years old this year and first of all, I want to say: I am really looking forward to it! I look forward to getting old!
Why? Because I have never felt as good as now in my entire life. Never have I been healthier… never have I felt fitter… never was I stronger… and never have I felt sexier. And because of this I want to show you in this blog how I am achieving this.
To start straight away, I will tell you my secret of what it means for me to “live healthy”:

– A well-balanced nutrition
– Frequent exercise
– To enjoy life and to know how 😉

With this blog I don’t want to dictate you how to live, this is something everyone should find out for him- or herself and believe me, it takes time. But maybe you feel inspired and motivated by me.
If you think you will only read about fitness and healthy nutrition, then I have to disappoint you. In my blog I will share my way of “living healthy” with you and this also includes enjoyment.
Be excited, my dear ones!

In this spirit, healthy greetings,
Yours Ivone

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