My Escape.

My Escape.
15. March 2016 Ivone

This weekend my hubby and I (and our dog Kiwi) decided to go to the mountains for a longer time out. Taking “time outs” from our daily life here and there are super important. It’s like refill your batteries again!
This is a big part of my way to live a healthy life. On long weekends like this I try to do things that I extremely love to do. On this weekend at Allgäu (nice place in Germany) I did long walks with hubby and dog in the snow: fresh air, embrace nature, movement and talking with hubby about our dreams.
Usually, after these walks (throwing Kiwi’s ball for the 1367th time) what we enjoy the most it’s a really hot sauna. I love doing sauna! Sauna is a great thing to do guys. Here some benefits:


– Relieve stress
– Relax muscles (after workout) and soothe aches/pains in both muscles and joints
– Flush toxins by sweating and cleanses skin
– Can induce a deeper and better sleep
– Improve cardiovascular performance
– Burn calories
– Make your immune system stronger
– Even promote social interaction
– It just gives you a good feeling

After my sauna sessions I normally do a power nap: this is when you felt asleep for not more than 20 minutes. A good hint is to take something in your hand (a book, a pen or a book) when you go for it and by the point where it falls down and you wake up, that is the right moment to stand up and move. Give it a try and I promise you that you will always feel great after doing a power nap.

Remember my healthy path where I sometimes leave it by turning right or left but than I always find my way back? Well, concerning nutrition I definitely abandoned my path totally. I enjoyed some wine, lots of bread with butter and nice homemade jam, great desserts, awesome heavy sauces…guys, I just fully enjoyed it!

Coming back home after such a weekend feels just great. I started my week with a smile, totally motivated and happy to do what I do.

Folks, my tip for a longer healthier life: Integrate “My Escape” into your life and you will live a longer and healthier life 😉

Yours Ivone